Three new EV charging stations now operating in Prince Edward County

Photo via Flo

The County of Prince Edward has launched new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at three locations within the municipality. These chargers are now fully operational and available for public use.

Funded through a grant secured from the Charged for Change program, administered by Earth Day Canada and financially supported by Aviva Insurance, the installation of these EV chargers marks a significant step in the county’s commitment to sustainable transportation initiatives.

The designated EV charging stations are located at:

  • Bloomfield Main Street Parking Lot (257 Bloomfield Main Street)
  • Crystal Palace Parking Lot (375 Picton Main Street) situated inside the Picton Fairgrounds
  • Wellington and District Community Centre Parking Lot (111 Belleville Street, Wellington), positioned on the south side of the building

Further enhancements to these charging sites, including additional signage and seating areas, are slated for development in the coming months to optimize user experience and accessibility.

Operated as Level 2 chargers under the Flo network, users are encouraged to simplify their charging process by becoming Flo members and using the Flo app. Detailed guidelines for using these chargers are available on the Flo website, while comprehensive information regarding PEC’s EV charging infrastructure can be found on the official County website.

To maintain order and efficacy, specific regulations govern the use of these EV chargers and the adjacent parking spaces:

  • Only electric vehicles (EVs) are permitted to occupy these designated spaces.
  • Vehicles actively undergoing charging are the sole authorized users of these spaces.
  • Charging sessions are limited to a maximum of 4 hours per vehicle.
  • Clear signage will be displayed outlining these regulations for users’ reference.

These new Level 2 chargers represent a component of the municipality’s broader strategy to expand the EV charging network across Prince Edward County. Plans are underway to explore the installation of publicly accessible DC Fast (Level 3) chargers at multiple locations within the county.

For individuals seeking additional information or clarification, the County can be reached at 613.476.2148 ext. 1023 or 613.962.9108 ext. 1023. Alternatively, inquiries can be directed via email to

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