‘Suspicious’ vehicle in Thurlow was legitimate birdwatchers: Belleville Police

Belleville Police Service

On the morning of Thursday, Dec. 28, the Belleville Police Service reported that a homeowner in Thurlow challenged the occupants of a vehicle that was “acting suspiciously” in his neighbourhood; police were initially looking for public’s help in identifying the suspects.

Police said that at around 2 p.m. on Wednesday, a charcoal grey Toyota Tacoma TRD with a hard bed cover cap was observed in the area of Homan and Harmony Roads with a couple of occupants.

The people inside the vehicle, believed to be males, appeared to be looking at residences with large binoculars and recording images on cell phones. When spoken to by a resident of Homan Road, the males claimed they were ‘birdwatching’ and sped off towards Harmony Road.

A subsequent release from the police said that they had been contacted by the owners of the truck; police say that they were, in fact, “legitimate birdwatchers.”

“There will be no further action taken at this time,” police said.

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