Stirling’s Holiday Market filled with vendors and visitors despite location change

Kyra Stewart and her boyfriend Kevin Martin say they come to the market every year to pick Christmas gifts for friends and family. Photo: Emma Persaud

The Holiday Market in Stirling lit up the night on Friday, Nov. 3, as vendors and visitors came from all over to see what the village had to offer.

Rebecca Heasman, of Heasman Ceramics based in Frankford, is a regular seller at Stirling’s markets. Her booth, filled with handmade ceramic soap dispensers and Christmas ornaments, was consistently busy. She said she has come to expect this from the Stirling crowd.

“Especially with the ornaments at this time of year, people just go crazy for them,” she said “The Stirling markets always have such a community feel compared to any other markets that I’ve done.

With Mill Street closed due to construction, the market could not be held at its usual location. It was instead held in the parking lot beside the covered bridge in downtown Stirling. The change of location didn’t phase the likes of market-goer Kyra Stewart who drives all the way from Wooler to attend each year.

“We’ve come for the last two markets. It’s a lot more crammed in here and having all the stores and everything on the street was great,” said Stewart. “But they’ve done a phenomenal setup and it’s still the Christmas market and it’s great.”

The market illuminated the parking lot next to the covered bridge in Stirling on Friday, Nov. 3. Photo: Emma Persaud

There were over 30 different businesses represented at the market, including bakeries, pottery, crocheted and knitted goods and glass blowing. Apple sellers offered fresh apple cider and the Lions Club made fresh apple fritters to a long line of market-goers.

“We’ve been doing this every year and we have a great time every year doing it,” said Lions Club Kenn Deck as he threw a new batch of dough into a vat of hot oil. “I don’t know if we have enough to go around!”

Madison Landry of Maddy Customs, who makes glassware, said this was her first time having a booth at the Stirling Holiday Market. She said the spirit of this market is different from others she’s done in the area.

“The community really shows up here. There are so many people and a lot of them are locals and everyone’s so nice. There’s just a vibe and it’s so good.”

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