Stirling-Rawdon’s tax increase set to 12.6 per cent

The Stirling Festival Theatre’s exterior maintenance was budgeted as part of this Stirling-Rawdon’s 12.6 per cent tax increase this year. – Emma Persaud photo

After a long debate period, Stirling Rawdon’s council has set their budget to a 12.6 per cent increase.

This will lead to an increase of roughly $40 on a home worth approximately $260,000.

During Monday’s council meeting, the council shared letters from community members concerned about the increase, and listened to residents presenting other options.

The tax report to council stated that some streams of revenue to the township have been lost as grants that were given to complete the road-work in downtown Stirling are now complete. There has been a loss of over $580,000 dollars in transportation services, and the report states that funding debt payments are being covered by 6.13 per cent of the levy.

The tax increase also includes $19,000 of work to be done to the exterior of the Stirling Festival Theatre and continued road and bridge work. In order to complete needed bridge and culvert repairs or replacements over the next five years, the report to council stated:

“We would need an average $1,796,000 per year or 27.79 per cent tax levy increase.”

Eileen Wilson, a township resident present at the meeting, said the idea of such an was unreasonable.

“I may need to just up and sell my property!” said Wilson. “It’s just too much.”

“That’s what we need,” responded Mullins, “but that doesn’t mean we have to do it.”

The council instead approved the budgeted amount of 12.6 per cent, which residents can expect to see on their next tax period in late August.

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