Prince Edward District Women’s Institute has now donated over $152K to accessible transit in the County

Photo via Prince Edward County

The Prince Edward District Women’s Institute reinforced its commitment to accessible transit in Prince Edward County with a $3,000 donation, raising their cumulative support to $152,396.63.

During the November 28 County Council meeting, the group presented the cheque, emphasizing their 34-year effort to improve public transportation access for individuals over 55 and those with disabilities.

Kim de Bruin, President of Prince Edward District Women’s Institute, expressed her gratitude, stating, “I am thrilled to present Prince Edward County with a $3,000 cheque towards accessible transportation. This year marked our fortieth anniversary of the Art and Craft Sale, a significant achievement for our members. This group works tirelessly to improve community lives, and I thank them all.”

Since 1989, the Women’s Institute has advocated for accessible transit, culminating in 2007 with the launch of a specialized transit service under Quinte Access.

Mayor Steve Ferguson praised their dedication.

“I want to recognize the Prince Edward District Women’s Institute for their dedication to the community over the past forty years, and how their idea and initiation of accessible transportation for Prince Edward County has grown and is well utilized by the residents of Prince Edward County,” Ferguson said. “It is a valuable service to our community and enables residents to be independent, get out with friends, get to appointments and have an active lifestyle.”

The service, supported by the Women’s Institute, the municipality, user fees, and Ontario’s gas tax program, facilitates nearly 10,000 trips annually.

For a detailed history, visit the Women’s Institute website, and for transit information, visit the County’s website.

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