OPP lay more than 50 charges during Highway 7 safety blitz

One of the 19 commercial motor vehicle (CMV) inspections that took place during the most recent ‘Safe on Seven’ campaign. Photo via OPP.

After a ‘Safe on Seven’ traffic safety campaign earlier this week, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) have released details on the over 50 charges laid.

The one-day campaign took place on Thursday, Feb. 22, 2024, and included the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO), Quinte West OPP, Madoc OPP, L&A County OPP, and Frontenac OPP.

According to a media release from the police, the aim of the campaign was to target moving traffic violations, unfit vehicles, and Commercial Motor Vehicles along the stretch of Highway 7 from Hastings County to Lennox & Addington County to Frontenac County. 

“Although moving violations were the focus of the campaign, police officers were highly visible and paying specific attention to the ‘The Big 4,’ which, in terms of personal injury collision causation are impaired driving, distracted driving, aggressive driving, and lack of occupant restraint,” the OPP stated.

In the release, the OPP said it remains committed to traffic safety and the safety of all road users and urges drivers to work together and make the roadways the safest in Canada. 

The OPP shared the following results from the traffic safety campaign:

  • Two Stunt Driving charges:
    • 155km/h in posted 80km/h – also charged with passing on a roadway not clear of oncoming traffic
    • 136km/h in posted 80km/h – also charged with careless driving
  • 38 Speeding charges
  • Once charge of driving a vehicle with cannabis readily available
  • Two seatbelts charges
  • Four other Highway Traffic Act (HTA) charges
  • 19 Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Inspections, which led to police taking six CMVs out of service
Photos via OPP

According to the OPP, at both stunt driving stops, the vehicles were passing with oncoming traffic.

“One of the police officers had to quickly break hard and take to the shoulder to avoid a head-on collision,” the OPP stated.

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