‘Once-in-a-lifetime experience’: Prince Edward County prepares for influx of sky gazers for 2024 rare total solar eclipse

Photo via Unsplash

Prince Edward County is gearing up for a rare total solar eclipse set to occur on April 8, 2024. This unique astronomical event, where the moon fully blocks the sun, is expected to draw visitors from across the globe.

Located in the “path of totality,” a 185-km wide stretch spanning the United States and Canada, Prince Edward County is getting ready to host sky gazers and astronomy enthusiasts. The eclipse, an extraordinary phenomenon lasting a mere three minutes and two seconds, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Experts state that such an event won’t occur again until the year 2399.

In Picton, the total eclipse will begin at 3:21 pm, captivating spectators with a brief but mesmerizing celestial display. Visitors from areas outside the eclipse’s path are expected to travel to Prince Edward County to witness the event.

To manage the influx of visitors and ensure a safe experience, the County’s Municipal Emergency Control Group (MECG) met recently with community partners. Topics discussed included traffic control, health and safety measures, and communication plans. As the event approaches, these meetings will become more frequent, ensuring meticulous planning and coordination.

Residents and visitors are reminded of the importance of viewing the solar eclipse safely. Staring directly at the eclipse without proper eye protection can cause permanent eye damage. It is crucial to use high-quality eye protection specifically designed for solar eclipse viewing. More information on safe viewing practices is available on the County’s official website and social media platforms.

Updates about the event will be provided through the County’s official channels, including the website and news and notices mailing list. With careful planning and a focus on safety, Prince Edward County is set to host an unforgettable celestial event, welcoming spectators to witness the wonder of a total solar eclipse.

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