Marmora’s first Trunk or Treat withstands the snow and brings the crowds

A snowy Lions Club lion hands out candy to chilly trick-or-treaters. Emma Persaud photo

Cynthia Reid was expecting to see kids fill Marmora’s downtown on Halloween, not snow.

“This weather, I didn’t expect at all,” she said. “But at least it’s not rain! The cold weather hasn’t held anyone back.”

And she’s not the only one who was determined to stick out in the cold weather. Among the decorated cars lining the street to hand out candy, a team of zombies shuffled around chilly trick-or-treaters, adding a hint of fright to the family-focused event.

Organizers of the zombie walk, Annabella Stoyke and her husband Alex Angus, said they were excited to contribute to the downtown event:

“We really just wanted to give back to the community,” she explained. Stoyke and Angus asked their friends to volunteer as zombies with them, and a local makeup artist offered to do makeup for the team. “It’s great to see everyone come out like this.”

“We’re out in the outskirts a little bit and so we don’t get any kids out there so it’s great to be out giving back to our friends and neighbours,” says Angus.

Marmora local Sarah Newhook and her daughter Kinsley agree, saying they joined in the festivities because they wanted to see their community coming together for an evening.

“They do a lot of this throughout the year, particularly around Christmas. I think it’s great for the community because it’s such a small place.”

Sarah Newhook and her daughter Kinsley said they enjoyed going around to all the cars and getting spooked by the shuffling zombies in the crowd. – Emma Persaud photo
The falling snow didn’t stop the crowds from joining in Marmora’s first Truck or Treat event. Emma Persaud photo
Annabella Stoyke and her husband Alex Angus gathered a team of zombie walkers to join in the first Trunk or Treat in Marmora. Emma Persaud photo

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