‘Making it easier’: Belleville introduces new permitting system

Photo submitted by City of Belleville

The City of Belleville has introduced “Permit Central,” an online permitting platform aimed at simplifying the application process for road permits and oversized load permits under the management of the Transportation and Operations Services department.

“Permit Central changes the way residents and contractors obtain permits, making it easier and more efficient,” states a media release from the City of Belleville.

Applicants now have the option to submit and pay for permits entirely online, eliminating the need for traditional paper forms and in-person visits. The new platform covers various permits, including Road Occupancy Permits, Road Cut Permits, Entrance Permits, Annual Oversized/Overweight Load Permits, Seasonal Oversized/Overweight Load Permits, and Single Trip Oversized/Overweight Load Permits.

Key features of Permit Central include online submission, allowing applicants to apply from anywhere with internet access. Secure payment processing aims to ensure a hassle-free payment experience, with payments for permits made securely online. The media release also explains that the platform enhances transparency by allowing users to track the status of their permit applications in real-time and receive notifications throughout the review process. Detailed forms collect and compile all necessary information for a thorough and efficient review of applications, enabling prompt decision-making.

“This platform aligns with the City’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance services and improve the overall experience for residents and businesses,” states the media release.

For more information about Permit Central and to access the online permitting platform, please visit Belleville.ca/RoadPermits.

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