Major renovations announced for Trenton Memorial Hospital

Deputy Premier and Minister for Health Sylvia Jones announces the province’s investment to renovate and add an addition to Trenton Memorial Hospital’s emergency room on Monday, February 5. – Emma Persaud photo

Sylvia Jones, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, met with health practitioners, Mayor Harrison and other local government officials in Trenton today (Monday, Feb. 5) to announce major reconstructions to the Trenton Memorial Hospital emergency room.

“We are continuing to make bold and innovative approaches and creative action to create a healthcare system that works for you and your family by expanding hospital capacity across the province, decreasing wait times and growing our healthcare workforce for years to come,” said Jones.

“Today I’m pleased to announce we are continuing the build on these programs…by investing in Quinte Health to support the planning, design and implementation of a redeveloped and expanded emergency department building right here at Trenton Memorial.”

The nearly 6,000-square-foot renovation, announced Jones, along with the building of a 1,000-square-foot addition, is intended to streamline the movement of patients through the emergency department. She said this includes making more efforts to meet the needs of those coming to the emergency room for mental health and bariatric reasons. The renovations, she added, will make room for better sanitation and safety for both patients and healthcare workers.

“As the design piece is worked through with the clinicians and the teams working in the department, you will see for example that a mental health patient has a more private area and access to treatment. We need to acknowledge the type of patient coming to our departments and those were the two noted specifically for this area that we need to do more on. I will say these changes come from our community partners who see the needs in the community and what needs to be addressed.

“We are seeing a different type of patient coming into hospitals. When people don’t have access to mental health in the community they are rightfully going to the emergency department,” Jones explained. “We need to ensure the community supports are robust and sufficient.”

Jones also said that the renovations will help with the long wait times experienced in the area, and help bring more practitioners to the community. She noted that the Learn and Stay grant, which helps students cover the cost of studying healthcare followed by a commitment to work in areas of need, many of whom study at Loyalist and then can work in local settings like Trenton.

Stacey Doubs, President & CEO of Quinte Health Care, said the community can expect to see the renovation completed by 2027, and with it will come an increase in doctors in the emergency room.

“We are currently recruiting emerg doctors and clinicians to the area and we have had huge benefits through our partnership with Loyalist.” she said.

She added that they are also working to keep the hospital running smoothly throughout the renovations.

“Anything of this scale is going to have an impact, but we have a great team and we will be working together to come up with a plan to support the expansion.”

While Jones did not share a dollar amount the province is investing in the renovations, Wendy Warner, Executive Director of the Trenton Memorial Foundation, said the foundation is launching a multi-million dollar campaign to contribute to the renovations.

“Anyone who has required our ER in the last couple of years knows that it requires some critical upgrades, additional space and more modern technology. Now is the time for all of us as a community to get this project across the finish line,” she said.

“I encourage everyone to embrace this project with confidence and enthusiasm” she added, later pointing to the “Emerge Stronger” fundraising sign behind her. “This is a great opportunity for our residents to show their support for healthcare, not just today but for generations to come.”

Deputy Premier and Minister for Health Sylvia Jones (second from left) stands with Mayor Harrision, Stacey Daub of Quinte Health Care, MPP Todd Smith, Brighton’s Mayor Ostrander, and Wendy Warner of TMHFoundation after announcing major renovations to come to Trenton Memorial Hospital. – Emma Persaud photo

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