Leak detection work in Picton neighbourhood could lead to discoloured water, service interruptions

Photo via Prince Edward County.

In an effort to ensure the integrity of the drinking water distribution system, the County of Prince Edward has announced that leak detection work will be carried out in Macaulay Village, Picton on Monday, January 29. The operation is scheduled to take place between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

During this period, trained operators, identifiable by vehicles marked with the County’s logo, will be stationed throughout Macaulay Village to execute leak detection activities. The scope of work includes valve turning and monitoring activities in the distribution system, as well as on isolated service connections. These actions are designed to facilitate the identification of underground leaks within the drinking water distribution system.

Residents in the vicinity of the operation may encounter limited visibility due to heavy equipment in the flushing area, and noise levels are expected to be elevated for the duration of the work.

While the County assures that this work will not impact water quality, residents in the affected areas may experience temporary interruptions to service, intermittent pressure fluctuations, and, in some cases, discoloured water during the course of the operation. It is emphasized, however, that the water remains safe to drink throughout the entirety of the work.

In the event that customers do experience discoloured water, the County recommends flushing their water lines at the cold water tap nearest to the water meter once the work is complete.

For additional information or inquiries, residents are encouraged to reach out to the County of Prince Edward at the following contact points: 613.476.2148 ext. 1023, 613.962.9108 ext. 1023, or via email at info@pecounty.on.ca.

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