Frankford driver facing multiple charges following traffic stop in Belleville

Belleville Police Service – Photo by Hollie Pratt-Campbell/Hometownist

At about 4:15 a.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 12, Belleville Police executed a routine traffic stop on Cannifton Road near Adam Street, prompted by a suspected traffic violation. During the interaction with the driver, officers identified potential signs of alcohol impairment. Police state that open alcohol containers were also visible within the vehicle.

As a result, the driver underwent a breath analysis using an approved screening device, resulting in a failed test. Officers then took the driver into custody and transported them to the Belleville Police Service headquarters for further evaluation. They determined that the driver’s blood alcohol concentration surpassed the legal limit permissible for operating a vehicle.

Their investigation also revealed that the vehicle lacked valid insurance coverage, compounding the charges against the individual in question. As a result, 26-year-old Colten Collins from Frankford was formally charged with operating a vehicle with an alcohol concentration exceeding the legal limit. Collins was subsequently released under an undertaking.

Additionally, Collins faces charges related to operating a motor vehicle without insurance and carrying an open container of liquor within the vehicle during the time of the stop.

Charges have not been proven in court.

The case is slated for a court appearance scheduled in January 2024.

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