Eight new transit routes coming to Belleville May 6

Photo submitted by City of Belleville

Starting May 6, transit users in Belleville will be able to take advantage of eight new routes, which the city says will improve service over the next five years and beyond.

In response to a growing population and subsequent increasing demand for service due to a growing city, Belleville contracted HDR to conduct a comprehensive public transportation study in 2023 to find ways to make transit more efficient for riders.

“City staff and HDR worked closely together to identify inefficiencies in the system such as overlapping routes, hours of operation, frequency and capacity of service, as well as factors such as community growth and development in the city,” states a media release from the City of Belleville. 

The study involved a number of public engagement opportunities including a survey, pop-up events at the downtown terminal and Loyalist College, stakeholder meetings. and consultations with transit staff.

In addition, 130 businesses across the city also provided input to the consultation regarding employee needs and commuting patterns.

Using this feedback and extensive research, eight new routes were developed in order to increase service times and improve delivery.

The recommendations were approved by Belleville City Council on Aug. 28, 2023 and plans to implement the new system began immediately.

With logistics now finalized, these new routes will be put into effect starting Monday, May 6.

Residents are encouraged to begin familiarizing themselves with the routes which can be found online at: Belleville.ca/NewTransitRoutes. A printed brochure with the changes will also be available in the coming weeks and starting May 6, the Transit app and online Trip Planner will be updated with the new routes for easy trip planning.

“The City of Belleville recognizes the importance of an efficient and functioning transit system to best serve its residents,” said Chair of the Transit Advisory Committee Councillor Kathryn Brown in a media release.

“We feel this plan and new route system captures the concerns we heard throughout our engagement process while ensuring reliable and sustainable service for years to come. On behalf of the committee, I would like to thank all of the residents and stakeholders who took time to provide their feedback throughout this project, and the project team for their great work implementing these findings.”

For more information regarding the City of Belleville Transit Operational Review project, please contact Transit by email at transitreview@belleville.ca. For assistance planning your new route, visit our new Routes and Schedules webpage or call customer service at 613-962-1925.

One thought on “Eight new transit routes coming to Belleville May 6

  • If you don’t agree with the new Transit Routes please sign this petition. They removed ALL routes and stops by Low Income, Seniors and Disability housing areas making it much harder for these people to get around Belleville! This is against their fundamental Human Rights!

    Notice who the City reached out to. Read the actual Report. Only 970 TOTAL people took the survey they are referring too. 840 of those were from the survey and 130 additional were from a survey the Transit Advisory Committee specifically went out of their way to ask a business in the Industrial Park to have their employees fill out!

    Their story and numbers keep changing. Take the time to do some investigative reporting and look into the accessibility act, disability act and the Human Rights laws surrounding Public Transit and then take a look at the changes they have made!!

    They have removed 90% of ALL the Routes and bus stops from Low Income, senior, and Disabled Housing areas!! Bascially, all the Social Housing areas! These are people who NEED bus stops CLOSER to their homes! Not farther away.

    Trying to tell people to use Mobility transit to compensate for the reduction in service is not acceptable as it comes with a host of additional barriers and is not the same level of service.


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