City of Belleville creates new human resources position with $100K salary

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In order to keep up with the City of Belleville’s growth and added demands on the Human Resources department for the municipality, a new Manager of Human Resources position is being created, with a salary range of $96,639 to $115,047.

However, this new position will not be in addition to existing human resources positions, but will instead replace one. With the creation of an HR Manager, the position of HR Assistant will be “declared redundant, making way for the Manager of Human Resources position,” according to a staff report provided to council last Tuesday, which was adopted and carried by council.

The current HR Assistant position is budgeted for a salary range of $58,387 to $69,509. These funds will be allocated to the new HR Manager position, meaning there will be an additional budget requirement of approximately $58,700 in the 2024 Operating Budget.

The position was outlined in the Director of Human Resources Report, No. DHR-2023-03, during a City of Belleville council meeting last Tuesday; it aims to enhance HR services and supports, and align with the municipality’s continued growth. Funding for the proposed new position has been considered and incorporated in the proposed 2024 Operating Budget.

The implementation of this new position aligns with the City of Belleville’s Strategic Plan and Mission Statement, and reiterates the importance of innovation and expansion of services to support the municipality’s vision.

A thorough and comprehensive assessment of the Human Resources Department’s practices, processes, and departmental supports were evaluated prior to the proposed implementation of the new Manager of Human Resources position. The position is expected to be vital in shaping the City’s culture, developing talent, implementing workplace inclusion, and integrating employee engagement.

A number of benefits and positive impacts were outlined in regard to the addition of an HR Manager to the Human Resources department. A thorough analysis was provided to council, highlighting numerous ways in which the Manager of Human Resources would be an impactful solution and necessary step forward for the City of Belleville, as well as how the position would provide viable solutions to departmental shortcomings.

A major benefit is strengthening the functions of the Human Resources department. The implementation of an HR Manager would allow the City to effectively meet the municipality’s growing needs and challenges.

The implementation of an HR Manager would significantly alleviate the Director’s workload, which in turn, will allow the Director to focus on long term strategies and initiatives. Significant increases in growth, recruitment, employee training, and compliance with changing regulations and labour laws have made the implementation of a senior support staff a necessity for the Human Resources Department.

The position also creates succession planning and continuity in the Human Resources Department and throughout the municipality. With a well-trained, capable manager in place, operations and business can continue flawlessly in the absence of the HR Director (either for vacations, emergencies, or short- and long-term leaves).

The Manager of Human Resources will also provide support in various HR initiatives, including performance reviews, evaluations, onboarding, training, bargaining with CUPE and firefighters, salary and benefits management, health and safety, and recruitment processes.

Though the Manager position has a significantly higher rate of pay than the Assistant position, it is expected that this senior position will enhance HR capabilities and allow the department to better support its staff, achieve strategic plans and initiatives and ensure operational efficiency

The implementation for the position of Manager of Human Resources in the 2024 Operating Budget was moved and carried by council, which in turn also approved the decision to dissolve the position of Human Resources Assistant.

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