Canadian Army exercises to take place in Belleville Nov. 4

The Canadian Armed Forces will be conducting training exercises in Belleville on Saturday, Nov. 4. Members will be dressed like this. – Photo issued by Belleville police

The Belleville Police Service, in conjunction with the Canadian Armed Forces, has issued a public reminder to Quinte area residents regarding the upcoming Canadian Army exercises scheduled to take place in Belleville, Peterborough, and Cobourg on Saturday, Nov. 4.

Soldiers, as part of the scheduled exercises, will be marching along local roads in full uniform, accompanied by their personal weapons, which will be kept unloaded at all times. The military personnel will be donning Canadian Army-issued uniforms and personal protective equipment for the duration of the exercises.

Residents can anticipate witnessing groups of up to 30 soldiers marching along the roads in various formations throughout the day. The joint operation aims to enhance the soldiers’ training and readiness while ensuring the safety and security of the community.

As a safety precaution, members of the public are kindly urged to reduce their speed when passing these marching soldiers to maintain a safe environment for everyone involved.

For further information or inquiries, residents are encouraged to contact the Belleville Police Service or visit their official website for updates on the exercises and any related traffic advisories.

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