Bringing greenery to Quinte West: Residents come out in droves for seedling giveaway

Madision and her daughter choose a few pine trees to plant for free as part of Quinte West’s seedling giveaway held on May 4, 2024. – Emma Persaud photo

1,000 trees have new homes thanks to a Quinte West initiative.

The municipality held a seed giveaway Saturday at the Duncan Memorial Arena. The doors opened at 9 a.m. with a line of hopeful gardeners winding out the door and through the parking lot, buckets and bags in hand.

Colleen Vickers, special events co-ordinator for the city, said with a turnout like this she didn’t think there would be any seedlings left by closing time. 

“I’ll be lucky if I’m still here in an hour!” she said as she handed out another set of seedling trees. 

The 1,000 seedlings are the result of a partnership between the city and Lower Trent conservation to give to community members on a first-come, first-serve basis. There were multiple varieties available to choose from like flowering berry trees, white spruce, red oak, sugar and silver maple, along with a selection of pines and cedars.

Mercedes Harvey had joined the line with her 2-and-4-year-old children before the event even began. By 9:30 she was still waiting to get through the doors. She told the Quinteist she looked forward to her family planting trees together at their Frankford home.

“Well, I definitely wanted to teach them patience, we all need that” she said with a smile. “And to experience their community, look at all the people who are here just for a good cause, you know?”

This is just one initiative to bring more greenery to Quinte West. The city has also procured 200 young trees to plant in various parks around the region and along the 401 Highway for Heroes as part of the Trees for Life campaign. 

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