Belleville to close in-house fire dispatch April 16

On April 16, Belleville Fire and Emergency Services will mark a significant milestone as it transitions its fire dispatch operations to the City of Peterborough, ending its longstanding role as the in-house provider for emergency communications.

This move comes as the City of Belleville aligns with new regulatory standards for 911 dispatch centers and reallocates resources to bolster its emergency response capabilities.

The decision to outsource dispatch services follows a year-long process during which other departments within Hastings County migrated to alternative dispatch solutions, leaving Belleville as the sole in-house provider during the transition period. Effective April 16, Peterborough Fire Services will assume full responsibility for dispatch operations.

Fire Chief and Director of Emergency Services Dan Smith expressed confidence in the partnership with Peterborough, highlighting the historical significance of the transition.

“Since the establishment of the Belleville Fire Department in 1878, when fire calls were announced by the ringing of the bells in the clock tower of City Hall, to the present day, Belleville firefighters have been on the other end of the line, answering countless emergency calls across Hastings and Prince Edward Counties and sending the appropriate assistance,” Smith stated in a media release.

“Today we pass this responsibility to our friends at Peterborough Fire,” he continued, noting that “this new bond has already opened doors for more collaborative work in the areas of training initiatives, peer review and purchasing power. We know they will continue to provide our citizens and firefighters with quality and reliable emergency dispatch service, and we look forward to building a long-standing relationship.”

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