Belleville police respond to three small fires on Sunday

Belleville Police Service – Photo by Hollie Pratt-Campbell/Hometownist

Belleville police report that officers attended three small fires throughout the city on Sunday, Jan. 8.

The first was at a bus stop on College Street East around 3 a.m., when an officer on patrol spotted a small fire.

“The officer called firefighters but was able to put the small blaze out,” police state in a media release.

Later, at about 6:30 p.m., police were called to another bus stop, this one at a bus shelter along College Street East. Officers arrived and located a male and female, who were cooking food over a pot. Firefighters arrived and advised they had no safety concerns regarding the setup.

Finally, around 11:20 p.m., police and firefighters were called to a parking lot on North Front Street after a male with a bike and trailer was observed around a fire in a garbage can. Officers arrived and located the male, who advised he accidentally lit a pail of trash on fire. The fire was put out, and the male was sent on his way.

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