Belleville looking for top restaurants to take part in Quintelicious 2023

The City of Belleville is looking for local restaurants to participate in Quintelicious. – Photo via Unsplash

The City of Belleville is gearing up for an exciting celebration of its local culinary delights this autumn as it officially opens registrations for Quintelicious 2023.

This delectable event is set to tantalize taste buds from Oct. 18 to Nov. 5, promising a showcase of the rich bounty that Belleville has to offer. The feast will feature an array of locally-sourced produce from nearby farms, craft brews and wines from the region, and live entertainment to enhance your dining experience.

For the city’s esteemed “table service” restaurants interested in participating, the path to Quintelicious awaits at, where they can assess their eligibility. This year, participating restaurants will be presenting an enticing lunch prix-fixe menu at $20 per person and a sumptuous dinner prix-fixe option priced at $45 per person.

Mayor Neil Ellis expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “Quintelicious is a wonderful opportunity to highlight the unique and diverse cuisine that Belleville has to offer. We are looking forward to another great event!”

Heather Candler, the Director of Economic Development, added, “By highlighting local ingredients and recipes, Quintelicious provides diners with an authentic and unique dining experience. We’re looking forward to a diverse range of restaurants taking part in this year’s event that will showcase the variety of cultural cuisines and offerings that are only found in Belleville.”

Participation in Quintelicious Belleville is a complimentary offering to the city’s restaurants. Those eager to join in the gastronomic festivities are encouraged to complete the online Quintelicious Belleville 2023 application form before October 8th. For additional information regarding the application process, you can get in touch with or explore further details at

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