Bay of Quinte Launches new website for enhanced user experience

Photo via Bay of Quinte

The Bay of Quinte Regional Marketing Board has unveiled a sophisticated, user-friendly website, This digital overhaul showcases a minimalistic design ethos, prioritizing impactful visuals that prominently feature the iconic Bay of Quinte brand illustrations, renowned not only locally but also across broader communities.

The revamped website boasts enhanced functionalities and an updated aesthetic. Its repertoire includes a comprehensive regional events calendar, a dynamic digital map spotlighting over 700 local organizations, a repository of the Bay of Quinte Discovery Guide, seasonal blogs, and a wealth of content catering to both visitors and residents seeking to delve into the area’s offerings.

The successful realization of this digital transformation owes much to the collaborative efforts between the Regional Marketing Board team and the local full-service agency, SNAP 360. Dug Stevenson, the executive director, underscores SNAP 360’s pivotal role in the redesign process.

“We’ve received really positive feedback over the past several weeks with our soft launch, where we conducted online focus groups and reviews with our partner organizations,” Stevenson said. “Now we’re excited to officially tell the rest of the world and continue to build on the site from here.”

Jen Achilles, the Regional Marketing Board’s manager of media and design and the driving force behind the project, emphasizes the distinctive approach taken in crafting a website that sets itself apart from conventional destination platforms.

“As we’ve done with our brand, we started out with the intention to create something that looked different than other destination websites, and I think we’ve done just that,” she stated.

The website beckons visitors to explore its enriching features, including captivating photo-filled blogs, an interactive discovery map, comprehensive insights into the region’s premier events, and an array of robust travel guides.

The Bay of Quinte Regional Marketing Board, functioning as a not-for-profit entity through a public-private partnership, champions the region’s allure for tourism and resident attraction. Representing six regional partners – Belleville, Brighton, Greater Napanee, Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte, Quinte Home Builders’ Association, and Quinte West – the Board endeavors to elevate the Bay of Quinte’s profile.

To experience the new face of the Bay of Quinte online, visit

Note: Information sourced from the Bay of Quinte Regional Marketing Board.

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