‘A bit asinine’: A new VIA train is coming down the tracks and chugging right past Trenton Junction

Trenton Junction has been left off the list of stops for the new VIA Rail morning commute train launching on May 27. Photo: Emma Persaud/Quinteist

A new morning commuter train is coming to VIA Rail, and some of the members of Quinte West’s council want it to stop.

At Trenton Junction, that is.

The addition to the VIA Rail schedule, train 641, is going to run from Ottawa to Toronto with stops in Farrowfield, Smith Falls, Brockville, Kingston, Belleville, Cobourg and Port Hope. But for Trenton-based commuters, it’s just chugging on down the tracks.

Councillor McCue expressed his disappointment that Trenton wasn’t on the list, saying that he remembered this line being popular among commuters in the past.

”We fought for this 22 years ago to get it and COVID took it away,” he said. “When it was running well before COVID that parking lot was full, it was running well every day.”

Councillor O’Neil agreed.

“I find it very strange they couldn’t think of us at this time. It seems a bit asinine they can do a short five-mile stop between Cobourg and Port Hope but not here,” he said. “It wasn’t just Trenton proper, it had a fair draw for ridership… I hope they reconsider Trenton Junction.”

Quinteist reached out to VIA Rail to ask why Trenton was left out, but had not received a response the time of publication.

Quinte Transit’s executive director Shelly Ackers said they’re working to make sure Quinte West commuters can make it to the Belleville station before the train’s 7 a.m. departure.

“We have a few options, currently we have an early morning run and I know we are looking to see if that line can already accommodate riders or if we will need to make something new.”

She said she wants to encourage interested riders to reach out to Quinte Transit to express their needs.

“It’s probably best to contact our office and then we can see where people are at and who wants to go there. Then we can work something out.”

Train 641 is scheduled to start running on May 27, leaving Ottawa at 4:19 a.m., stopping in Belleville at 7:00 a.m. and arriving in Toronto at 8:48 a.m.

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