2nd Dug Hill Road sidewalks coming in Quinte West – but not soon enough, says safety advocate

Diane Lyndon holds up a photo of 14-year-old Seryn Lazzo during Quinte West’s Dec. 6, 2023 council meeting, who was the victim of a fatal hit-and-run on 2nd Dug Hill Road in Trenton on Nov. 17, 2023. She passed away at Toronto Children’s Hospital on Nov. 23, 2023. Photo: screenshot from Dec. 6 2023 council meeting via Youtube

Quinte West Council has approved a sidewalk build on 2nd Dug Hill Road, but Diane Lyndon says it’s not coming fast enough.

“Last week in the good weather a lot of people were walking up and down 2nd Dug Hill. Now there’s a roadhouse and there’s going to be increased traffic,” she told council on Feb. 21. “My grandson has applied for a job there and how is he going to get there safely?”

She added that with new residents coming to the area, something is needed to protect pedestrians right now:

“More condos are going in and there are just too many people. And I’m really concerned. I don’t want to wait until the fall to see it built, or even after that. We need a safe walkway or temporary one right now. ”

Diane Lyndon’s 12-year-old granddaughter was walking with 14-year-old Seryn Lazzo down the road when Lazzo was a victim of a hit and run on Nov. 17, 2023, and she has appeared before council multiple times. On Dec. 6, 2023 she presented a petition with over 2,100 signatures demanding to focus on the safety needs of 2nd Dug Hill Road. She then silently held up the photo of Lazzo, reminding them of her loss and the dangers of a road with no sidewalk.

During the Feb. 21 council meeting, Mayor Harrision responded to her input:

“There is still an investigation going on and we are doing what we can do. We are all human and we all have had things happen to us like you have,” he said. “My point is you’re not alone in this.”

“Oh, I know I’m not alone in this Mr. Mayor,” she immediately responded. “I have a petition with over 3,000 people on it. There is an army behind this.

“If Tucker’s Corner’s can have a pickleball court,” Lyndon added, “then we can have a safe road.”

While engineer consultations and design work are expected to begin approximately mid-May, the construction of the sidewalk itself is not expected to begin until October. Council has approved $200,000 for the reconstruction

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